About Us

Since 1961, MediCore has been proud to manufacture and distribute medical products found in homes, pharmacies and medical institutions throughout the United States. At MediCore, our commitment is to provide first class customer service, quality products and a reliable supply chain to our clients. 

Our Blood Collection division was established early in our life cycle and has served hospitals, blood centers, laboratories and other medical facilities since its inception. Our Tube Stripper has been widely renowned as the premier Tube Stripper on the market since the early 1980’s. With its ergonomic design, light weight and superior stripping ability, there is no product on the market today that outperforms the MediCore Tube Stripper.

MediCore is also proud to produce the ReadyLance™ safety lancet and MediHeel™ heel stick device. The ReadyLance™ has proven to be one of the most effective and painless safety lancets on the market while the MediHeel™ has proven to provide a pain- and trauma-free blood sampling experience for newborns, infants and babies. The ReadyLance™ and MediHeel™ are both available through most major medical distributors in the United States and can be found on multiple GPO contracts.  

Where a more precise blood sample is required, MediCore offers the MICROSAFE® Capillary Tube which allows for both blood sample collection and dispensing from a single tube. Together ReadyLance™ and MICROSAFE® provide a perfect complement.

Our LiteTouch™ diabetic supplies have also been a respected name in the consumer arena since being introduced to the market in 1997. The product line began with only Insulin Syringes and has developed into a complete line over this time span – now with a full offering of Insulin Pen Needles, Twist Lancets and a Lancing Device.

MediCore has stood the test of time and understands that it must continually develop new products and new markets in order to excel in the ever-changing healthcare field. Medicore truly values all client relationships and is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that their experience is the best it can possibly be.

Our Clients Say

“Working with MediCore as one of our primary partners in the has been proven to be instrumental to our growth. They provide exceptional customer support and provide products that are built on quality.”
George N., Du Quoin, IL

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  • Our prompt response time is a prime example of our focus on lasting relationships
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  • A sincere appreciation of our customer's concerns is evident in every capacity